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Are you looking to place your hard earned money in a simple, safe & lucrative location? 
Lagron's Capital offers superb quality of services to clients internationally. 
We don't charge a management fee. We make money, only when you make money. Its simple to understand our priorities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone invest in Lagron's Capital? Accredited investors are preferred. If you are not accredited, we offer other mediums, which allow you to invest in real estate directly with just the same level of quality and simplicity.

What is the minimum investment?
The minimum investment depends on the asset you want to invest in. This can range from as low as $ 5,000 for cryptocurrency investments, to $ 50,000 or $100,000 minimum investment  for real estate transactions or an alternative energy power plant.
What is the investment holding period?
The investment holding period can be as low a 1 month, to as high as 3 years for larger real-estate transactions. Every investment proposed has its own perameters, so you can choose what you want to invest in, depending on your needs.
What investments do you specialize in?
Lagron's Capital undertakes investments predominantly in real estate developments or solar power farms. We do have funds that are specifically geared towards consumer debt portfolios, cryptocurrencies and investments in uniquely positioned companies.
What is my expected rate of return?
Prior rates of return does not ensure future similar performance. However, we do aim for a minimum 15% for the investor, with a great deal of our returns hovering around 28% annually per dollar invested.