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Lagron's Capital is an investment management firm specializing in real estate, alternative energy generation as well as investing in small companies that offer unique, market changing innovations.
With hundreds of millions of dollars under management, and existent since April 2010.

Agron Ala

Agron Ala, is a 30 year old, stable-capital appreciation expert. With an extensive background in real estate investments alongside construction & development Agron Ala is best fit to generate lucrative investments.

Agron is aware of what it takes to choose a piece of real estate, or empty land and turn it into a flourishing property with beautiful architecture, greenery, clients fighting to purchase the residences, increased profitability.

It is because of past experiences and other companies owned, that he can source multiple, simple, secure, satisfying and lucrative investments for himself and his clients.

The aim for our investors is a simple 15% and what's better we charge no management fee. Our average return is around 28.72% annually per dollar invested. With the lowest being 15%, for 25 years, for our solar energy projects.

If your money is idle in some account, and you want to own real estate without putting in the work for it, or you want to give electricity to the world through solar, or want to invest in unique-companies, we're here. 

You'll see what the deal is, the numbers and returns, the rundown as to how we'll do it, what you need to do to take a piece of the pie and you'll get updates on the project in due time.

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