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Beachfront Development

Lagron's Capital has 7906 acres of beachfront property for development in Greece.
The price per meter is $ 22.00. It retails for $229.63 per meter. Just selling 32M Meters in parcels results in a hefty profit.
Our goal? Surely not a few Billion Dollars if developed and sold, but a phenomenal rate of return for you, your grandchildren and more. 

Lagron's Capital has 7,906 acres of beachfront property, with pristinely clear waters and white sandy beaches.

We are looking to raise $ 175,000,000 Dollars to undertake development of this property, with an initial 17.64% return on investment annually for the investor.

This is a large, 'small' piece of real estate. And Lagron's Capital will build on less then 10% of the land with this investment, leaving room for other projects.

Construction for the project will entail over 2,000 glamping homes and can include 35 small luxury hotels and 87 private luxury complexes. Solar Power Farm for the mini-cities use, restaurants, gas stations, apartment complexes and much more. (We have received the ability to choose what the area is zoned for with the local municipality.)

This project, we call the Mini-City. Where, by investing in this initial offering on this property will yield constant, simple, secure and lucrative returns for generations.

This isn't here to just create wealth, this is to maintain it.

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Hundreds of Millions of Dollars Managed

What Brings Us here
Our Goals
Our Story

All funds can offer returns. We offer stability and growth.
All funds charge quite a number. Lagron's Capital doesn't charge management fees.
We offer investments that anyone can understand, where everything makes cents.

You Can Own A Piece OF Pie

You have always wanted to invest in real estate. You weren't certain how to make the first move. We can run real estate deals with just your funds, you'll own the whole pie.

You want access to institutional level investment transactions, you aren't certain who to trust, you don't know where to begin. We can pool your investment, into a fund and earn steady yields, year after year. Reach out to Lagron's Capital to discuss your needs.

You want your money to work for you long-term, stably, and lucratively. You are interested in real estate, alternative energy investments or cryptocurrencies. 

No solution is the same for everyone. You have specific needs, you want something specific, and you want the most help to make it happen. Lagron's Capital services investors of all sizes.

Do you ever just look into the horizon, and think, what am I doing with my life, to help my children and spouse in the event I was to stop working? Do you everything thing that perhaps, you shouldn't have to wait until 65 years old to use your money? Speak to us to discuss your needs. You are important and should receive help, no matter how big or small your investments are.

Invest Direct WIth Us

Lagron's Capital seeks to invest in lucrative, simple real estate transactions, unique companies, and growing asset classes.  
We buy, build, "refurbish," operate and sell real estate, alternative energy plants and companies.
Our Aim Is Simple, Secure, Satisfying, Lucrative Investments. 

Agron Ala

Agron Ala, is a 30 year old, stable-capital appreciation expert. 

Agron Ala has a background in construction and development from the age of just 14. His father built homes and development complexes in NJ. It was then that he got an eye for how vast the world of construction and real estate is. 

Agron Ala helped manage operations, starting from small projects to those grander of golf courses and multi-story buildings in Jersey, handling all back end processes.

In construction he learned the ins and outs of sourcing goods and materials, later opening an import/export organization, which lead to a business-process-outsourcing company. Offering exquisite labor to US companies at a fraction of their US sourced rates.

But how does that make Agron Ala a stable-capital appreciation expert? Investment funds to run require capable staff, growing businesses requires human capital and saving every cent with outsourcing services (hiring intelligently and managing efficiently) goes a long way. 

Agron is aware of what it takes to choose a piece of real estate, or empty land and turn it into a flourishing property with beautiful architecture, greenery, clients fighting to purchase the residences, increased profitability.

It is because of past experiences and other companies owned, that he can source multiple, simple, secure, satisfying and lucrative investments for himself and his clients.

Taking part in transactions as small as $ 150,000 to purchase and resell property with the largest transaction to date being $ 170,962,400.00 for hotel complexes in Europe.

His aim for the investor is a simple 15% and doesn't want a management fee, with the average return being around 28.72%, annually per dollar invested if it warrants new development.

Your Journey Starts Here

One of the professionals in our staff will work with you to determine your needs. Call us, have a zoom call, or let us visit to discuss.
Once you know what you want, we will develop a plan to make your money work for you.
By knowing what you want, by having a step-by-step plan to achieve it, we will execute to make your dreams come true.

64 Acres Of Property

Forget high-risk locations like Iran or the middle east for lucrative returns. We concentrate on growing markets that have always been stable, in regions of Europe, or growing towns in the US for example. With returns that simply make sense. For instance, this particular project consists of over 64 acres of development, for the middle-class buyer base, and expected returns of 26.58% year over year, thanks to Lagron's Capital.

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United States
United States

The United States is a quite a wonderous country. The Golden Gate Bridge represents American perseverance and determination built during the great depression. It is through determination, that Lagron's Capital is able to source real estate investments that are much more stable then stocks and much more profitable. We concentrate on simple, secure, satisfying, lucrative investments. Simple, means it makes mathematical sense reducing risk exponentially. Secure as in, stable, constant returns, satisfying in how easy and seamless the process can be and lucrative for you will tell everyone about your exclusive-profitable-investments with Lagron's Capital.

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Overseas Investments

Lagron's Capital, invests not only in the USA, but especially overseas. We spread risk, by not making returns dependent on a single country, or currency. We are building entire beachfront-mini-cities in the most beautiful of places. Apartment complexes in the most needed areas, alternative power plants (think solar and wind) with government contracts guaranteeing specific returns and investing in companies that are practically monopolies. 

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Le Ladakh
Le Ladakh

What do you see? A desert? We see solar power plants that can power entire countries. A small town housing the hundreds of millions of dollars of mineral mines beside it. We see almost guaranteed stable, lucrative, returns.

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Amazing Staff
Meet Our Team
Our Team

We have over 20 employees who have very specific purposes and directions. Thus, specialization in the work performed. 
It is specialization that lead to our employees exceeding performance measures compared to the industry.
Lagron's Capital is an investment management firm, that offers simple, secure, satisfying, lucrative investments.

Susan Day
Offshoring Specialist

Susan takes pride in being able to find the right candidate to perform specific tasks. And what is better? We pass this saving in operational costs by not requiring a 2% management fee. You can thank Susan Day for that one.

Besnik Ziba

If you ever end up in a situation where you need to sell 700 units tomorrow, or else, Besnik is the guy to make it happen. Often leading to our organizations ability to finance development with pre-construction sales significantly.
Operations Manager

Laura has managed projects and operations with up to 175 semi-direct relations. She has the ability to review a company, and with Agron's guidance, take it from one level to the next level in operational profits.

Agron Ala- Founder
Agron Ala

Extensive real estate development experience. Years of business experience. Constant stable returns in every dollar spent. Overseas 2.6B annually.


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