Lagron’s Capital has a fund where smaller investment ranges can be put to use at very low intervals.

Funds usually need to meet a specific minimum investment threshold to be effective. Northern Management, The Manager, has a way where investments in groups as low as $50,000 are just as effective in creating returns as it is for funds that require tens of millions of dollars in investments.

Smaller Residential Units

Investments up to $50,000 can be used for smaller residential units. These units are purchased, renovated and sold at a gain.


We seek to invest in well positioned properties that can have an immediate income generation method for our investors in a reasonable period of time.

Every Company Needs To Be a Techy

hero-larger-height-1-minTechnology is ever advancing and in Real Estate, what better industry to utilize everything we possibly can.

Using technology we can review properties that we would have otherwise not known about and even make informed decisions 50 Times quicker than in the past.

Northern Management, The Manager of Lagron’s Capital and it’s funds utilize technology to the fullest, up to date information available on the whim at our fingertips. Take technology and the people in our organization with specific tasks that they specialize in and you get a combination of quite some good real estate investments.