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Yes, you can do this by allocating your investment to specific companies at the time you invest. Whenever we bring new opportunities to investors, they always have the option to opt-out of funding a specific company or property. Generally investors just want returns and we can do that better without nit-picking what we invest funds into.

As long as you are an accredited investor, feel free to give our organization a call. We’ll send you a brochure of what we are seeking investments for, a private placement memorandum and some other legal documents. You’ll sign the documents stating your investment, make a wire transfer to the funds account and you’re all set.

Yes, you can investment funds from your individual IRA account. Talk to us and we’ll help you get situated in that aspect as well. Do realize that there may be some funds where investing from an IRA will not be allowed.

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Our multi-asset investment approach is aimed at what matters: helping you reach your desired outcomes. Let us say we have a real estate fund. We will take care to spread out the risk by investing in multiple properties simultaneously.

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