Real Estate International

Real Estate International Stabilized Income Production


Finding properties that meet the goals of the investors at hand.

Doing strategic analysis, cost measures, projections and feasibility studies.

Developing properties at the lowest cost possible for the quality of property we are working with.

Completing construction, and restructuring of the property to maximize profitability and ensuring long-term returns.


We use our extensive international network to find properties that meet our goals. We use our man-hours to analyze every aspect of the investment- people who have a single purpose in our structure and that is to do their research on exactly what we need to make informed profitable decisions.

Our people, and the years of working with them makes our investments as secure as any in the industry, at the least. We utilize relationships with vendors and contractors to provide property rehabilitation at a fraction of the cost because of the work we throw their way. Economies of scale helps immensely. And finally, the property managers we instill are on top of their game.

You have wanted to invest in real estate before? Investing in real estate for such returns doesn’t have to be a complicated process. All real estate investments are backed by the properties as collateral. Reach out to us at Lagron’s Capital for more information.

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