Growth-market private equity

Lagron's Capital is a very active international investor in the medical, real estate and infrastructure sector

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Focus on SME & lower
Buy & Build

Founded on simplicity, Lagron's management team is one of the most dedicated global firms. We have established a team of investment professionals, focused on investments that are simply profitable.

We employ a long-established strategy of sector-focused investing across all of our markets.

We seek to invest in well-positioned properties or companies with strategic improvement potential and partner with management teams to create value by driving revenue and earnings growth.

Middle-market private equity

12 Offices in 11 Countries

$2.4 B

Our Sector Knowledge


We invest in five corere industry sectors where we have substantial experience and deep local and international knowle Business &

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Real Estate

We invest in real estate through the USA and internationally. We partake in developing new properties whether it be residential

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Our clients know

Lagron's Capital is one of the largest and most experienced global private investors

We seek to invest in real estate properties or companies with operational and strategic improvement potential and partner with management teams to create value by driving revenue and earnings growth.

Laura Von Sky

Day to Day Operations Manager

"If you get anything from anyone, it should be trust and loyalty to every dollar you give them. You have my word as my word is all I'll take to the grave, that an investment is made with full attention to even the dots and I's on a contract or emailed memo."

Agron Ala

Founder and Managing Partner

"I didn't grow up with money in my pocket. I have worked as a roofing company garbage cleaner starting from the age of 11. I want to build something of myself and of you, the investors. And we'll do that together, so you can carve your name in a piece of history, every investment at a time."

Our General Updates

A streamlined, integrated blog, is the simplest form of keeping investors informed. We aim to keep our investors in the loop from start to finish. From when their funds are first used, to what is even taking place with those funds. We feel its important that you know what is happening and on occasion we'll post it for you all to see.

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